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JINGNENG changed the business and growth pattern from China to global. In the process of deepening understanding of social responsibility risk and opportunity, we believe that through the social responsibilities to promote the company to achieve career goals, but also play a very important role.

Based on this understanding, our company promoting the projects and pay attention to the following activities to perform the social responsibility of the enterprise as a global enterprise for enterprise development and on the basis of grasping and confirm the trend of enterprise external and based on.

  1. Ethics And Integrity

In view of the possible risks of ethics and honesty in different countries, the understanding of different regions is an important factor to ensure the overseas market success. Therefore, our company has established a company code of conduct, all areas of activities shall comply with the standards.

  1. Product Development

Especially in the emerging market, the understanding for the sustainable demand of regional customers is the key of keeping our business growth through continuous innovation. Our company will enhance the development, production and sales functions of our products in all the market to meet the customer requirements.

  1. Diversity

We have the global talent and technology to enter the global market. In order to meet the expectations from customers and stakeholder, we will provide a variety of services by cultivate diverse staff through a variety of activities.

  1. Human Rights

In 2011 March, the United Sates released a "business and human rights principle" with particular emphasis on the importance of respect for human rights in the enterprise business process. In order to further expand and develop business, we focus on the rights of labor, safety, health care for our staff and the rights of product safety and safety application for our customers. We keep human rights in our management and business.

  1. Supply Chain
For enterprises, the concept of social responsibility into the domestic and foreign supply process is indispensable. In order to realize the sustainable development, we will strengthen corporate social and environmental responsibility through innovation and challenge. Green supply chain and safety supply chain.
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